Steps up to a porch with an old rocking chair
Photo by Avi Werde on Unsplash

In 2020

Make the best of each day
Practice your beliefs
Yet, don’t expect perfection
Offer a fair go to others, standing up for what’s right
Beyond that, live and let live

Accept and exhale the bullshit
Or concentrate on solutions and act
Listen more
State your truth
But above all, allow your actions to speak for you

Focus on the best
Do more deep work
Promote what’s important and
Let go of the rest

Want less
Use less
Repair more
Share more
Create more

Eat fresh
Eat local
Eat kind
Walk more
Read more

Grow more
Laugh more
Enjoy more
Relax more
Porch sit more

Be a friend to yourself, and others
Reframe your story to step up on your difficulties
Be firm in your boundaries, they’re your right
Connect with people
Yet remember trust is earned

Live with gratitude and 
Offer thanks.

© Copyright 2019 The Long Hot Spell