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The Strange Brew

Sometimes ignoring the dead isn’t enough.Dora Hermansen runs a small-town cafe with her husband. Life is ordinary, exactly how she wants it. Aside from sensing ghosts, that is.Ignoring the dead had been working for her. But with a death in Deepwell, a town with secrets, she has to question. Is her PTSD flaring up again, or are the life-challenged stirring?Soon someone she cares for is in peril and, when all seems resolved, Dora might still be smack bang in the middle of a dangerous mystery.

Fresh and creepy, The Strange Brew is a supernatural mystery with an Australian flavour. Through a relatable main character with a tragic backstory, strong themes are explored gently. The Strange Brew delivers suspense and scares while stopping short of horror.

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Well I loved this book. It was quirky and well written and a great relaxing read. I love a cafe. I love a bit of spookiness. I love requited love. Full marks.

An excellent paranormal mystery - thriller … well written, well-paced and a wonderful story. Dora and Sayed run a small-town cafe and want a normal life, but Dora is a sensitive and has ghostly visions of dead people. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when danger comes visiting with the 'ghosts'. The novel has aspects of happiness, humour, sadness, secrets, and surprises that successfully bind the story together. There is also an overall feeling of healthy support in a small community. A very enjoyable novel worthy of five stars.

An original and well plotted paranormal mystery that kept me hooked and guessing.
I appreciated the unusual setting, the world building, and the fleshed out characters.
The mystery is solid and ful of twists.
Anna Maria